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The Differences Between 3D eBook and Ordinary eBook

Posted on September 25, 2012

As digital eBook spreading all over the world, many kinds of eBooks with different layout and different functions can be found in the market. The basic functions of a digital eBook are its readability and its simple zoom in and bookmark functions. However, more and more competitive digital eBook have been launched for digital reading. 3D eBook is a representative example among these digital publications...

Design 3D Digital Music Notation eBook With Page Turning Effect

Posted on September 22, 2012

Are you a music lover? I am a music lover. Every time when a wonderful music struck a chord with me, I would collect it at once, including its songster, photo of singers and its notation. Even more, I preferred to write down my muse and feeling which the song brought to me. I always tried my best to excavate its potential meaning and why the music born. I mean the music’s background. However, all these works took me a long time to finish and I found it hard to have an effective way to put all this information together until I discovered an 3d eBook creator from a blog...

Use A 3D Pageflip Book to Design A Multimedia Snoopy Digital Autograph Album

Posted on September 10, 2012

As we all know, Snoopy is a pretty cartoon character that brings a lot of fun for children’s childhood. It’s a fairly conventional dog with dynamic character. Schulz summed up Snoopy's character in a 1997 interview: "He has to retreat into his fanciful world in order to survive. Otherwise, he leads kind of a dull, miserable life. I don't envy dogs the lives they have to live." How popular the dog is and many people collect a lot of related pictures, videos and more elements commemorate it...

Powerful 3DpageFlip for Office Released By 3D PageFlip

Posted on September 03, 2012

3DPageFlip for Office is released today by 3D PageFlip Company. It is a professional Office to Flash converter that enables you to change your Microsoft Office document (*.docx, *.pptx, *.rtf, *.xls, etc) and PDF files into realistic 3D page flip book with page turning effects. This kind of software is with comprehensive functions to help you share various documents more easily and quickly. Another amazing feature of 3D PageFlip for Office is that it allows you to create Adobe Flash based 3D Flipping Book (eBook) within seconds...

Use 3D Flipbook Software to Create All Kind of Digital Book

Posted on August 27, 2012

3D page flip book creator is something useful in our life, especially in today’s digital age. Internet spreads all over the word and no matter study, entertainment or work, it will never leave internet. Digital products become popular. And digital books with multimedia applications are one kind of digital popular things. What can it do? Here I will introduce three applications about 3d digital flipbooks. I hope it will bring you some inspirations for your own use...

3D PageFlip launched 3D PageFlip Standard for Mac user

Posted on August 19, 2012

3D PageFlip Standard for Mac has been launch yesterday in 3D PageFlip Company. 3D PageFlip Standard is the most popular product in 3D Page Flip book market. As many users responded in the past year, 3D PageFlip Standard is of great quality in creating flipbook with page turning effect and 3D rotating effect with PDF original file. However, this software only aims to window system users. The manager of 3D PageFlip Company said: “flipping book software will have a wide market in digital word...

Use 3D page flip book to create digital catalog for company

Posted on August 14, 2012

Nowadays, if you want to advertise your products or your company, you need to produce some publicity brochures or leaflets for your products and companies. As internet technology flies and we have entered information age. Everything can’t leave internet and network marketing become more and more important. I believe more and more companies have company brochures to represent themselves to build their own brands. A digital catalog will have the same meaning as the paper one...

Can I lock the page in my 3D page flip book?

Posted on August 09, 2012

We publish 3D page flip book online to share with our friends, classmates, customers or even strangers. However, not all the time we want to show it to others. Sometimes we desire to protect our 3D page flip book and allow just a part of the people to view the digital book. But once we publish online, every one who surf on the internet can read it. What can we do to share page turning book to targeted people? Maybe you can publish as an exe format and send it to others via email. But it’s not convenient if you want to share with many people...

3D Pageflip Released 3D Page Flip Book Software with Multimedia Editor

Posted on August 05, 2012

3D Page Flip software is used in converting PDF to 3D page flip book.The newest version of 3D Page Flip Professional 2.0.12 was published by 3D PageFlip Company. The newest function was added to support flipbook users to create 3D flipbook with multimedia elements in the flip pages, such as flash, website link, videos and more interactive actions were included in the Multimedia Editor. The new function-Multimedia Editor is the characteristic of 3D Page Flip Professional 2.0.12 which keep it different from other flip book maker...

How to embed your 3D eBook in your web page?

Posted on August 02, 2012

3D page flip book is the kind of digital book with special characteristic. You will rotate the book with 3D effects. You can get real-book like experience with page turning effects. Using 3D PageFlip software can help you publish your eBook online or just an EXE file to share via email. What’s more, to fit more people’s needs, you can embed the 3D flipbook in your website for more use. It will be more directly to show your eBook content to your readers...

Can I convert word to 3D flipping book?

Posted on July 26, 2012

One day, a friend asked me how to convert a word document in to a 3D flipping book? That made me to write down this article to show you how to create a flipping book from word file. Since word document is widely used in our life, study and work. It’s easier and more convenient to modify document content than PDF. So sometimes we choose word as our priority instead of PDF. There is so much software that can convert PDF to flipbook...

How to design function buttons in the 3D page flip book?

Posted on July 21, 2012

A personalized 3D page flip book must be designed as our own wishes, including every details of the book. And function buttons in the flash book is one of them! If you don’t allow people to print your flash book which has published, you can hide the Print button. If you want to make your book popular, you can show your Share button to let others share your digital book more easily and frequently! But if you don’t need to make your flipbook auto flip, you can hide the related button to simplify the flash flip book tool bar. All these functions buttons can be designed by you...

How to make a table of content for my 3D page flip book?

Posted on July 17, 2012

There is a good new to show you here. The newest version (2.0.12) of 3D PageFlip Professional has been published and it adds table of content function to 3D page turning book. In this case, you can design a table of content for you 3d flip book as guidance for your book readers. It will support you list down your main content of each flip page. Even more, you can add child title for every item. When others read this table of contents, they can go to the related flip page quickly and directly by clicking the item...

How to convert PowerPoint to stunning 3D flip book?

Posted on July 13, 2012

PowerPoint is a kind of presentation tool used widely in our life. People design beautiful PowerPoint works and share with others through a speech or other ways. But wait! Have you ever thought of making it a stunning 3D digital publication with real-book like? Just convert it to a page turning book and publish it online (or mail it to your friend, or burn to CD) to show your PowerPoint content. In this way, people will view your PowerPoint with another kind of feeling. They can turn the PowerPoint page by dragging page corner...

How To Display Images In The Flip Page By Myself?

Posted on July 08, 2012

Images are something records our life. We take photos, collect photos and some day we want to show it to others. We may have many ways to display all these images, such as out it in our blog or upload it to a photo album of our personal space. In another way, we can use 3D PageFlip for Image to convert it into a page flipping book because it’s a new and creative way to show your images. With the images flip book, others can view your images with page turning experience. He can have a good enjoy in the 3D vision...

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