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Four Reasons to Use 3D Page Flip Book

Posted on June 06, 2012


Nowadays, flipping book is more and more popular in today’s digital world. You can convert any file, such as PDF to a page flip book. As we found on the internet, there are so many kinds of flip book which offer us a wide choice. 3D page flip book is one of them and it‘s a little different from the traditional one with its three dimensional effect. It will be more realistic like a book because its solid view. So, why we use such books? I would give you four reasons that why you use such books. Move on the following test.


1. Wonderful show which is different from real book.


The most twinkling feature of the book is its page turning effect. You can use the mouse dragging the flip page as well as using your hand to flip a real book. It’s vivid and not just like the rigid PDF file. What’s more, you can use other effect, such as videos, photos, hyperlink, logos and so on, to add in the 3D page flip book to rich its content. You can change colors and design page flip book background so that it will cater to your 3D page flip book theme.


2. Conveniently to apply in large quantity of people.


Since you improve the quality of your 3D page turning book through this way that it will attract more readers, you can send it to friends as a gift or make it a product brochure for your customers. Even more, you can share PDF online in such special way, put your website on it or your videos on it and more and more people will know you.


3. Help you to run your business and improve publicity.


As the second point mentioned, you can convert your PDF to a 3D page flip book. Display your product pictures on it with hyper link. You can add company logo on it or even a lively advertisement video. Then publish online or burn to a CD as a Propaganda gift. This is a good way to show your goods to your customers.


4. You will be Friendly to the environment.


Have you ever think of the environmental meaning of this 3D page flip book? You can use the eBook online instead of publishing paper books. How important to make it a paperless world. If you use page flip book, you are doing something great for human beings.





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