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Our products can be used to build cool 3D Virtual Magazines from PDFs and office documents. You can easily handle the software to create customized online or offline eBook with 3D effect and 360 degree vision for any use. For example, you can display it to shopping stores as a products brochure or you can promote digital Book as a publisher or an eBook author. Click demos to view excellent online 3D books!


Examples Created by 3DPageFlip Professional (PC & Mac) - Embed 3D video, 3D Image Sphere, 3D Object, links, flash, button, etc.
Focusky presentation maker in 3d flipbook

Float Template - Focusky Manual

(Created by PC version)

3D eBook Demo with 3D Vision

Float Template - Full 3D Vision

(Created by PC version)

moutain template for 3D page flip eBook

Moutain Panoramic Template

(Created by PC version)

Fresh Template for 3D page flip eBook

Fresh Template - Wedding

(Created by PC version)

Handy Template for 3D page flip eBook

Handy Template - Season

(Created by PC version)

3D Flipbook - Merry Christmas

Facile Template - Merry Christmas

(Created by PC version)

3D Flipbook - Flower Flip Photo Gallery

Plain Template - Flower Photo Gallery

(Created by PC version)

3D Flipbook - Digital Flip Product Catalog

Handy Template - IKEA 2012 Catalog

(Created by PC version)

3D Flipbook - Digital Flip Story Book

Facile Template - Story Book

(Created by PC version)

3D Flip book - Digital online page flipping user guide

3D Page Flip Demo - User Guide

(Created by PC version)

3D Flip book - Digital online page flipping magazine in Arabic language

Online Flip Magazine in Arabic Language

(Created by PC version)

Examples Created by 3DPageFlip Standard (PC & Mac)
eBook with 360 degree effect

3D eBook with Panoramic Background

(Created by PC version)

stunning eBook with 3D page turning effect

3D eBook with Float Template

(Created by Mac version)

flipbook demo-home

3D Page Turning Book Example-Home

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo-food

3D Page Turning Book Example-Food

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo-beauty

3D Page Turning Book Example-Beauty

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo-fashion

3D Page Flip Book Example-Fashion

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo-frankie

3D Page Flip Book Example-Frankie

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo-traveler

3D Page Flip Book Example-Traveler

(Created by PC version)


3D Page Flip Book Example-Children Book

(Created by PC version)

flipbook demo digital flipped novel

3D Page Flip Book-Digital Flipped Novel

(Created by PC version)


3D Page Flip Book Example-Big Flavor

(Password needed in eBook: 123)