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Clever Way to Select a Suitable Page Flip Book Maker

Posted on June 01, 2012


As we all know, when you put FLIP BOOK in the search engine, we will have a dizzy array of choices that are available to us. You have to take some time to see what the difference between each page flip book. You have to read a lot of article about the page flip book conversion. Even more, you will find all the softwares are so similar with each other.


Now I would share my selection train of thought here and you can take it as a reference.

Firstly, make sure what file you are going to convert. A PDF or a PPT file? Then you can find that kind of software directly. Once you need to convert several documents with different format to page turning books, you can choose the all in one converter. Then you will save many because you will no need to buy a lot of single softwares.

Secondly, think about what function you need in a flipping book and write them down. Then you can compare all of the software by find out the main function. In this case you don’t need to read redundant words. Maybe you just want to convert PDF to a flip book with just page turning effect. Or you need more special effect in the page flip book, such as adding a video to the PDF, insert a flash into the page, or something others. If you are clear all about these, you will improve your seeking process. And what’s more, it will help you to avoid buying the one with too much needless function.

After all, you need to compare the price of each page flipping book and select the most substantial one. You need to contact the company to make sure the after-sell service is OK. It’s very impotant because if your software have problems, there would be someone to assistant you solving the problem.


I wish you to have the most suitable page flip book software!






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