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Can I convert word to 3D flipping book?

Posted on July 26, 2012


One day, a friend asked me how to convert a word document in to a 3D flipping book? That made me to write down this article to show you how to create a 3D page flip book from word file. Since word document is widely used in our life, study and work. It’s easier and more convenient to modify document content than PDF. So sometimes we choose word as our priority instead of PDF.

There is so much software that can convert PDF to flipbook. Do I need convert word to PDF and then use PDF flipbook software to change it into a digital book when I want to make a flipbook from word? Is there a direct way to help? Of course the answer is “Yes“.


Here I would like to introduce 3D PageFlip for Office.
It’s a kind of flipbook software that enable to convert many kinds documents, including word format, into 3D page turning book with easy steps.

Click here to download one and have a free trial. Install it to your computer and get start to create a 3D flip book.
However, when you first use this software, it will give you hint to install another supported application. You can follow the hint and download the application (Ghostscript8.17) to install. Next no barrier will exist in your following work.


Firstly, import your word file from your computer through “Import Office”.


Secondly, setting and page layout panel to help you decorate your 3D page flip book.


decorate your 3D page flip book

Thirdly, publish your 3D digital book with the right format. They are HTML, ZIP, and EXE.


publish your 3D digital book with the right format


Congratulations! After the easy steps, you will have finished converting PDF to 3D page turning book! Have a special reading journey from now on!

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