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3D PageFlip Professional Update

Page Editing - Add 3D image sphere, 360 degree products, 3D Video, YouTube, Flash, Photos slideshow, etc! & 3D panoramic template & realistic page turning effect

  • Convert PDF to realistic eBook with 3D page turning effect.
  • Powerful 3D page editing function (create 3D sphere for images and 360 degree spinning objects; embed flash, 3D video, YouTube, bitmap button, hyperlinks, photo slideshow to flip book pages).
  • Comprehensive settings for designing own PDF to flip book (including tool bar, eBook information and flip effect).
  • Publish 3D eBook with HTML, ZIP, EXE format, even for Epub, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • 2D and 3D templates for eBook background: Handy, Float, Fresh, Plain, Panoramic.
  • For For Windows 7, Vista, XP, Version:1.7.6.
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    Flash Player 10.0+

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    Here is to offer you the updated information about 3D PageFlip Professional, we will keep updating along with the newest version. To help you quick handle new functions, related FAQ will be created timely. However, if you still have problems about the 3D software, including questions and suggestions, you can contact us by submitting a ticket and we will reply within two business days. Wish you have a good time with 3D eBook software!


    Version 1.7

      Version 1.7.6

      Updated on October 24th, 2013


      1. Allow to drag the pages in Page Panel to re-arrange orders.

      2. Allow to add network video in swf.

      3. New button styles: oval and roundness.

      4. New alignment options: Match width and height, The vertical average interval, Space evenly horizontally.

      5. Capacity of draw area magnification.

      6. When draw area magnification, press “Ctrl” button to shift the zoom tool.

      7. New color scheme selector for color selector.

      8. Add new thumbnail navigator.

      9. Enable to scale by the center of mouse point, scale by the center of page when choose to zoom tool.


      1. Fix bugs in Page panel.

      2. Fix bugs in zoom tool.

      Version 1.7.5

      Updated on September 16th, 2013


      1. Undo function (undo operation on layer, properties and multiple objects).

      2. Eyedropper tool to quickly select color.

      3. Allow to drag the layer.

      4. Allow to lock the layer.


      1. Alter the loading mechanism to fix the loading issue.

      2. Alter the options of uploading mobile version.

      3. Fix the bug while drag to copy.

      Version 1.7.4

      Updated on August 23rd, 2013


      1. Allow to change the window size of YouTube video Player.


      1. Messy code happens in some special characters of user information;

      2. Exe type of flipbook does not work properly on Windows XP OS;

      3. Error when importing project;

      4. Slide position error under Document mode;

      5. Fail to refresh sometimes.

      Version 1.7.3

      Updated on July 30th, 2013


      1. Allow to delete items in "Recent Project" and "Open Project Folder";

      2. Allow to download the images in Photo SlideShow;

      3. Allow to adjust the size of YouTube player(adjust in page editor).


      1. Can’t publish to Epub;

      2. Can’t modify read-only documents;

      3. Can’t amplify the page when displaying 3D object.

      Version 1.7.2

      Updated on July 12th, 2013


      1. Allow to change the font color, skin color and icon color of template;

      2. When zooming in page, Use the mouse wheel to control the page to slide up and down; hold down the “ctrl” key and roll the mouse wheel to zoom page;

      3. Allow to rotate the page when zoomed in;

      4 Add new option to save properties in the Link Properties of PageEditor.


      1. Fix error when publishing Epub document;

      2. Fix the issue that failing to import the Download document;

      3. Fix the error when adding Text in PageEditor.

      Version 1.7.0

      Updated on June 19th, 2013

      New: Support multi-stage zoom in in Flip template of mobile;

      Fix bug: Fix can’t replace or delete read-only document (background/logo/background music file) issue;

      Fix bug: Fix can’t normally load scenes issue;

      Fix bug: Fix background file missing while importing new documents issue.

    Version 1.6

    Version 1.5