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Q:How to create 3D object with 360 degree view in page flip book?

(Note before FAQ: Due to our efforts, 3DPageFlip software are updating. New functions are adding and bugs are fixing. When you are trying to use FAQ to help your 3D eBook designing, make sure you have installed the newest version to get the new function in the software. 3D PageFlip Standard Support Version 2.5.2+, 3D PageFlip Professional Support Version 1.5.2+)


In 3D PageFlip Professional, you can easily create a 3D object in page flip book for any use. For example, you can make a 3D product for your customers in order to help them have a full vision of your product. A good way for propaganda, isn’t it? Once you create the object, it would be pop-upped in front of your readers with 360 degree spinning effect as soon as someone clicks for the action. Even more, you can set spinning direction, spinning speed, edge and bottom effects for your 3D object. Let’s follow the steps for further designing.


Step1: Run 3D PageFlip Professional, import PDF and enter Page Editor.


enter Page Editor of 3D eBook software

Step2: You can select an option (link, image, button, bitmap button) to create your 3D object. Let’s take image as an example. Click “Add Image” to draw a frame in PDF page. Double click the frame area to import an image.


draw an image in 3D page turning book

Step3: Move to left side of Page Editor. Click “Set action” in “Properties of Image”. Then choose “360 Degree Product Present” in the action types.


360 degree product present

Step4: Click “Add Images” to select images of your objects in all aspects. You need to use "Up" and "Down" button to put images in order if they are messy.

Start to have a try in the software; you can click to download the original images of 3D objects.


add images

Step5: Click “Preview” to view the effect in the pop-up window.
In this case, you can have a detailed design for the object with 360 degree:
Speed: type in a number for spinning speed. The larger number you set, the smaller spinning speed you will get.
Direction: You can make it to spin from right to left or left to right.
Bottom gradient appear: If you tick this option, the bottom of your object will be gradient. It’s a good way to optimize its bottom edge and make it more realistic.
Edge blur: an option to make the edge gentler and beautify the output 3D object.


preview and make further setting

Step6: In the end, save and exit the page editor to view the effect in 3D page turning book. You can click the inserted image. Then the 3D object will pop-up automatically. You can see it spinning in 360 degree.


Note: When you click it, it will stop spinning. When you double click it, it will start moving again! When the object is spinning, you are not able to use the tool bar or turn pages. Click the close button on the top and the eBook will be returned to the previous state.


spinning in 360 degree