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Q:How to share my 3D page flip book on Facebook,Twitter, iGoogle, etc?

Social share helps people get close to world. Good things seem to delivery timely and effectively via social network. You can see facebook button, twitter button or other network button everywhere, also in 3D page flip books.


Please notice:

When you want to share a flipbook made by 3D PageFlip Program (3D PageFlip Standard and 3D PageFlip Professional), you should make some settings before publish and upload it online after publish.



1. Choose "show" in the "visible button > share button" to show share button.

show share button in 3D page flip book


2. Move to option “Flash Control Settings > Use AddThis” in the Design Setting panel.


share via "AddThis" or not


Choose “Yes”. It will share the flipbook via “AddThis” platform. After share, you can see the link source is from "AddThis".

Choose “No”. It will share the flipbook directly via Facebook, Twitter, etc. After share, you can see the link source is from the flipbook URL.


share flipbook on facebook


Click “Apply Change” to make it available.


3. Publish flipbook and upload flipbook online


Click “Upload Online” to upload flipbook directly to our 3DPageFlip Server.
Or click "convert to 3D book" to publish to Flash/HTML5 format and upload it online to personal website or upload to the third party like Dropbox.
View more information about how to upload flipbook online.


After you upload online, you will get a link for the flipbook like this:
Click the link and you will see the online flipbook.


Copy and share this link directly on your FaceBook, Twitter, iGoogle, etc.

Or click share button on the flipbook tool bar to share.


click "share button" on flipbook



When you share the flipbook via share button, you will find flipbook title and descrption in the share content (as the below picture shows). This kind of information can be changed when you are making the flipbook.


Chnage title: Click "Convert to 3D Book" and choose "Flash/HTML5", there is an option called "HTML title", change this title with your own title. This is the same if you click "Upload Online" to upload to our server without publishing to "Flash/HTML5".


Change description: Click "Option > Flash information" to change the "info" with your own info.


change share information for your flipbook



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