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Q: Can I zoom in pictures in slideshow mode?

I was presenting products with the flash ebook creator, and then I found that the pictures in slide show mode cannot be zoomed. Can you fix this ASAP because we need to show more detail.

Nowadays, using a 3D flipping book to present products or ideas is becoming more and more common. As a multimedia presentation method, the use of sounds, videos or photo slideshow is inevitable. It is really convenient for us to have so many ways to show what we are thinking. However, there is still shortcoming. In the earlier version of 3D Pageflip Pro, pictures in slideshow cannot be zoomed, which may cause some unexpected situations. So in the new version, we enabled the zoom function in slideshow, so that you can present every detail of your products.


Now you may find the zoom in and zoom out button at the right top of the slide showing picture, use them to zoom photos.



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