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Q:Why the sound of 3D video is still playing while the video is stopped in one frame?

(Note before FAQ: Due to our efforts, 3DPageFlip software are updating. New functions are adding and bugs are fixing. When you are trying to use FAQ to help your 3D eBook designing, make sure you have installed the newest version to get the new functions. 3D PageFlip Professional Support Version 1.5.3+)


3D PageFlip Professional is a useful tool to help you create 3D video in page flip eBook. However, as a lot of users reflect, there is a confused problem occurred while they are watching 3D video. That is you run another program while you are watching the video and you will find that the video have been stopped, but its sound is not. As the picture below show you, when you open a word document while you are playing the 3D video, you will find the sound is still playing but the video is stopped in one frame.


problems about 3D video in page turning eBook


Now I would like to explain this phenomenon. 3D video use some technology to help users reduce memory consumption. When you move your focus from 3D video to other program, 3D PageFlip will stop to render the scene to avoid occupying memory and CPU in your computer. However, the sound won’t be stopped because it's not in the render process, and the video is still playing just not be rendered to the screen. To avoid this problem, you can click 3D video to make it stop playing or click close button to close the video directly. In this case, you can avoid the sound while you are running other program.


stop palying 3D video