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Q: What is the Table of Content in 3D Flash Software?

A: In the right side of "Design Setting" of 3D PageFlip Standard/Professional, there is a "Table of Contents" panel, What is that?

The "Table of Contents" is located in the right side of "Design Setting", generally speaking it is a tool for users to lead readers.

How to set the table contents to lead your readers?

1. Go to the "Table of Contents" of the 3D Flash Software;

2. Click first button to add first class chapter of the book;

3. Add the second class content page by clicking the second button on this panel;

4. The third and fourth buttons for users to adjust the order of the marks;

5. With the fifth and sixth button of "Table of Contents" panel, users can output the file in text format to preserve, or import the text as the reading leader of the 3D flipping book;

6. The last button here for users to delete the extra marks.

7. After all operation, clicking the "Apply Change" to save.


By the way every mark of the "Table of Contents", can be individually set the title.


Details of screenshots here:



With all buttons on the panel, users easily make a clear reading leader to readers.