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Q: How to Insure Security of 3D Pageflip Book?

A: 3D PageFlip Standard/Professional has the safe settings of security for users to protect the 3D Pageflip book.

Under the "Option" from the frame of the flash software, choose the "Protect Book" to insure the security of the 3D pageflip book.


Steps as below:

1. Firstly, if users choose "no security" that means the 3D pageflip book can be read, without any password.

2. Secondly, choose the "Single Password" and type in the password in the blank, others need to read the 3D PageFlip book with right passwords;

3. Thirdly, a purchase link can be embedded in the 3D book for selling;

The purchase link will be shown when readers of the book need to input the password to view the protected part of the book.

4. Choose the protect range of the 3D Pageflip book as all pages or exclude several pages from the very beginning.


Easy to set the password and add purchase link in the 3D book.



The insertion of purchase link can be used as a way of marketing.