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Q: How to Add Watermark to 3D Book?

A: If you want to protect the copyright of your flipping 3D book, in the 3D PageFlip Standard, you can add watermark to achieve your purpose.

The importance of adding a Watermark in the Flipping 3D book, on one hand, it protect your copyright, on the other hand, it is a kind of decoration to the flipping 3D book.


When importing the PDF, Office or RTF files into the 3D PageFlip Standard, watermarks can be inserted as part of the flipping book:


1. Click "Set Watermark" in the importation interface;

2. Choose a watermark style;

3. Import text, dynamic time, image, PDF and Shape file as the watermark.


Moreover, you can also import the print watermark so that when readers are printing your book, there would be your watermark.