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Q: How to enable readers to share published 3D eBook online with analyzing embedded?

3DPageFlip program uses AddThis sharing platform, you can build your own user account and you will get your own ID. Then after you publishing your create 3D eBook online, you can know how many people shared your eBook in your account record.

Follow the below steps to build your own account and profile in AddThis:


1. Join Add This with your email or Facebook, Google account;
2. Add a profile that's just a "bucket" of information with a name and an identifier, or ID - a set of letters and numbers that you include in your code, so we know in which "bucket" analytics data should be collected;
3. View your profile details and you will get a Profile ID;
4. Use this ID in 3DPageFlip programs as "Share ID", and then after you published the eBook online, you can get the sharing data of book easily and instantly.