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3D Free Fresh Fruit Themes

Excellent Templates for 3d Book with Fresh Fruit Style

  • Wonderful 3d flipping book templates with fresh fruit theme
  • Make you 3d books flipping in front of fresh fruits
  • Great templates of pageflip book save you time and remind you of health
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In front of you is a group of 3d page flipping book templates. They are the fresh fruit style. Every picture is full of a kind of fruits. Do you like your 3d book is flipping among a lot of fruits? What are fresh fruits remind of you?

Every day we get up early and start a days’ work. Some of us keep going from one place to another to do business. Others may sit in the office to do work all day long. Busy work keeps us away from health. So, how important it is? Have you heard people says ‘one apple a day, keep the doctor away’? Once you change your 3d book templates with this one, you may find it remind you to have some fruits. Can you refuse the fruits in the picture? They seem so delicious. It would told the readers who watch your flipping books that you are care about their heath, too.

These 3d flipping book templates are friendly to you! Don’t be hesitate to download one for yourself.


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Fresh Fruit Themes of 3D PageFlip software Screenshots