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Cartoon Paper Theme for 3D Page Flip Book

Unique 3D Page Flip BookTemplate for Free

  • realistic 3D flipping book templates live up your digital eBooks
  • easily design your 3D page flip book and bring lovely effect to your cartoon style
  • several templates for you to choose
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This is the free frameworks for 3D page flip software. The package you are going to download includes four original pictures and four themes. You can call it Cartoon Paper because it offer you the lovely background with simple color and pattern.

The themes can help you decorate your flipping book in a short time. If you are businessmen or cartoon painters in the field of cartoon marketing, you may need it. It is really benefit for you to create wonderful digital catalog, retroflex cartoon online magazines, realistic children page flip books, stunning flash product brochures of toys and so on. You can customize just according to your needs and favor.

As you know, eye-catching page flip books will bring fantastic effect. Readers will be more likely to read flipping books with good looks. When you publish the book with suitable cartoon style online, you can attract net citizens and improve your traffic.

Make an adorable cartoon flipping book to get a good start!


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