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Teaching Paperless In The Classroom

Posted on June 3, 2013


Have you ever guess how much paper waste a year in a classroom? Perhaps no one can give the correct answer, but this certainly is not a small figure. As we all know, a lot of paper consumption means a lot of trees have been cut down for making paper, which is not good to environment. So going paperless in classroom seems important now, and thanks to the technology progress it is possible to achieve this.

paperless classroom 


The benefits of creating paperless classroom


To build a green paperless classroom meet today's environmental philosophy. It not only reduces the paper waste in the classroom, which means fewer natural resources will be destroyed, also conserves the environmental awareness in students’ minds and educates them on related issues. Gradually what they learn from the classroom will be reflected in their daily lives.

To achieve paperless classroom also means the introduction of new technologies, and students can learn more advanced technologies, which do help to their future works, because in today’s world businesses are looking for employees who have 21st century skills. Therefore it is necessary to train students on multiple technological tools, especially web-based applications.


How to build paperless classroom


Digital reading is an affordable alternative to traditional print book in schools. Nowadays almost all the students have portable digital devices like laptop, iPad, smart phone, Android Pad, etc., even lots of school have equipped the classrooms with computers. Instead of printing out the books, articles from PDF files or Office files, it is better to directly read those educational resources on digital device. We can reduce paper waste by electronic reading and a book in digital format is easier to store, carry and deliver.

E-reading actually save paper and allow students to explore new technologies, however there is still a defect in reading a normal EBook, when we are reading a PDF or Office document, it also take away the reading experience of print book. Luckily recent years a brand-new E-reading form has appeared to solve this problem. The flip book technology makes it possible to take advantage of the convenience of digital reading along with the reading experience of paper book by imitate the page flipping effect of print book. Moreover the flip book is multimedia friendly, allowing users to embed a variety of media elements such as video, audio, images and flash to enrich the content.

Web-based application has became a hot topic these years, 3DPageFlip flip book maker also allow users to build online page flip publication so that the flipbook can be upload online for being viewed anywhere. This helps to improve students’ Internet skills while learning online, at the same time, for teachers they no longer need to carry mountains of paperwork home.

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