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Digital Publishing - Substitute for Printed Promotional Material

Posted on May 28, 2013


What is digital publishing

Digital publishing (also referred to as ePublishing or electronic publishing), traditionally includes the digital edition of eBooks, EPUBs, digital magazines, etc. And recent years a brand-new publication type - digital flip book has become a hot topic. Compared with traditional printed publication, electronic edition is more convenient for delivery and storage, and it is environment-friendly. With certain eBook application, you can build your own modern marketing materials like emagazine, e-catalog, digital newsletter, brochure, digital flyers and so on.

Reasons why turn to digital publishing

Integrated with the advantages of both web publishing and printed publishing, e-publishing stand as the future of publishing industry. Though there are still some people insist that the appearance and reading experience of paper publication is irreplaceable, they as well admit that digital publishing is a greater way to create and spread interactive content, knowledge via a variety of methods. And in some digital publishing formats, lots of elements are allowed to be embedded in digital publication (impossible in print publication).

Digital posting combines the benefits of web posting and print posting: many people still such as the appearance and the design of printed guides Web guides could be spread rapidly, and also the interactive content could be up-to-date quickly by author. With a few effective digital magazine software like flipbook software, you are able to embed video, music, documents, connect to contacts, documents and websites around the pages of magazines or guides, and you may also design the look of the magazines, and make wealthy, immersive content within an exciting new format that keeps visitors engrossed. You can embed music, images, video, documents, hyperlinks to your edition, and customize the layout of edition to catch the readers’ eyes and draw their attention.

Because the network technology development, the majority of digital natives require a lot more from online information, with digital publication, we are able to keep our feelings for the print while taking pleasure in wealthy flexibility from the web. Your primary information will directly achieve your target audience, and you may make your digital editions at reasonable prices due to the web continues to help make the digital posting tool more economically viable.

In conclusion, the tide of digital publishing is irreversible, every business should take a serious consideration at this for better e-marketing. And the soon you turn to digital publishing in marketing, the more advantage you will get from it.

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