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3D PageFlip Professional, Satisfy eBook Reader Interactively in 3D Way

Posted on November 2, 2012


Reading is not a one-way flow of information delivery, especially reading digitally. Digital eBook is becoming a main trend for online and offline reading. Something comes along that makes eBook more interactively for readers to read. Even more, it break traditional digital book layout with 3D look for both book appearance and panoramic background. This is what 3D PageFlip Professional is. This is a great eBook tool that makes reading vividly and interactively not only for you, but also for each of your users. With it you can easily convert a PDF file, no matter it’s a book, document, photo album, comic eBook, newspaper or something else, to 3D flash eBook with page flip effects.


What does this mean to you? First of all, the software will easily put PDF pages into page flip eBook with thickness. What shows in front of users is flash, which is realistic eBook. In this case, PDF will be no longer PDF, but a book in a panoramic background which can be turn pages, spinned in 360 degree view by its readers. Dull text will be lightened up in such reading ways. Readers will satisfy with this reading effect, don’t they? Secondly, there a list of reading support functions in the output eBook, including bookmark, share function, search function. One of for readers to read more conveniently and one if for readers to share what they have read. Although it’s not easy to share PDF document through Facebook and Google+, 3D page turning book will make it up. People use social networks widely these days, giving them the possibility to easily share eBook, specially such a stunning 3D eBook will cater to their needs. That means they would be more satisfied and reading would be more interactively.


How can the software begin with? Does it require much program knowledge? The answer is no! Your eBook is face to broad masses, so is the project. What the 3D book designer need is a PDF documents. It’s OK to include links in the file. Than import it to the software and begin designing. Every detail can be involved, like tool bar, background, book information and so on. In this step, you can easily create 3D effect by selecting a 3D panoramic template. If you want to make it multimedia, you can use its page editor to insert varies of objects to the pages, including pictures, videos, audios, bitmap buttons and more. After all, you can publish in several output formats like HTML or EXE. You can even make it show on mobile phone like iPad, iPhone.


More features gives users ability to access to their readers. The eBook is controlled in your hand. How to make eBook satisfied for your readers, it’s all depending on you! Know more about 3D page flip eBook:


3D Page Flip eBook

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